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[Bi Web Series] Rose By Any Other Name: Season 2 - Episode 1 - We're all over the rainbow [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The queer college kids

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[Bi Web Series] Rose By Any Other Name: Season 2 - Episode 1 [Jun. 3rd, 2011|11:07 pm]
The queer college kids


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[music |"Rose By Any Other Name" by Julie Neumark & The Highlifes]

Season 2 is here! After a long wait, you can now check out the 1st episode in FenceSitter Film's popular Bisexual Web TV Series Rose By Any Other Name . . . in what promises to be a crazy season!

In the new episode "You Shall Confess That You Are Both Deceived" we find both Rose & Veronica hiding something big from each other. Watch it here (48-hour rental for only 99 cents - a bargain!) A new episode will air every 2 Weeks.

If you need to catch up on the 1st Season, Watch the FULL Season One here (1-week rental for only $3.99)

A Note From FenceSitter Films: This year the episodes are .99 cents each, and although we wish we could continue to put the web series up for free on Youtube again, we need to charge this very small fee (cheaper than a pack of gum) in order to keep the Only Web Series that deals with Bisexuality and the LGBT Community REALISTICALLY on the air.

We appreciate your support in keeping us on the air and letting the TV World know that YES! actually there REALLY IS an audience for Progressive, LGBT and Bisexual-themed productions.